We used to live by the coast,Afro missed the beach so much we had to buy her a bag of sand! very pleased.

A Quick Introduction to the Breed

Welcome to Tarsneyisle Estrelas.We are the first breeder of this incredible breed of mountain Dog in Ireland.As you travel through our website you will get information and see pictures of my two Estrela,s Abbigail and Achilles and some History off the breed.(Sadly Abbigail passed away on 13th april this year aged 12yrs 6months.)

Just a quick introduction! The Estrela is a Breed of Mountain Dog from the Estrela Mountains in Portugal,Their main task in life is Gaurdian of the flocks,they are not a sheep dog but more of a protector of the flocks from wolves,they are still used to fulfill this role today.They are an amazing addition to any Family although a little Loud at times,

Please feel free to browse through our pages and enjoy your introductive Journey.

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Alan Sawyer





20.01.2021 22:25


Hi Alan, been looking at this breed and Leonbergers. What are Estrelas like to train, do they like a lot of exercise, and do Estrelas make good guard dogs? Thanks!

20.01.2021 22:33

Alan Sawyer

Hi Ollie. Estrelas are used in Portugal and world wide as livestock guardian dogs. So guarding comes quite natural. If you go to Facebook Tarsneyisle Estrelas. Loads of info on there thanks Ollie.