This is one of our home bred Irish Champions,called Odysseus.(Ody to his friends),he is 5 yrs old,and has the most amazing temperament loving handsome and very loyal.

It is the 10/5/2021,and we are in the process of planning a Litter.

Hello Everyone and welcome to Tarsneyisle Estrelas web page.we are in the process of planning a litter,The mum to be which is molly will be hip scored on Thrusday 13th/5/2021 and blood tested for the perfect mating date.The pup in the picture oppisite on the left is Ody pictured above.we do our utmost to Breed high quality healthy, great Temparement  puppies

The pups will be IKC REG,,,Microchipped,,,,,Vacinated,,,,Healthchecked,,,Wormed,,,,8weeks insurance cover,,,close to being house trained,,,,Breeder assistance 24/7 for the life of the puppy/dog.

There are a few Breeder requests; 1st. the pup should be well cared for and all it needs met.2nd That the pup be well socialized with people and other dogs.3rd That the puppy will be well trained.4th That the new owners keep in contact with myself the Breeder and contact me should any problems arise.5th Not to be Bred with or from with out first contacting myself.Will not be chained up outside and ignored.

Its not a case off first come first served as all home,s will be vetted before any puppy starts its new life at his/her forever home.

And lastly the Estrela is a Rare and amazing breed,is also an  Excellent loving member of any Family.

If you go to My Estrelas on this website you can see Abbigail my first girl in ireland who sadly passed away aged 12yrs and 6 month on the 13th of april this year, Achilles is the first male in Ireland(who are both owned by myself)also the pups from the last litter of the same parents,Their first litter Ody and Dorothy are doing excellent in the show ring,both being Irish Champions,Ody being a regular at Crufts also shown in his home country of Portugal coming third in class of Champions.Molly also a champion and a crufts regular. whom we plan to breed with shortly.

Thankyou for taking the time to read this and i hope you  contact us regarding a new puppy.

Kindest Regards Alan Sawyer at Tarsneyisle Estrelas.

 (You can Email me or call anytime.)


17.08.2020 20:12

Carol Daly

hi there, beautiful dogs, we are looking to add a large breed puppy to our family as lost our old Lab last year and have a boxer,lab,staff x. Would love one of your pups if you have any soon please.

17.08.2020 20:24

Alan Sawyer

Hi carol Thankyou for the message..
We are plannng a litter but it’s up to the girls as to when,but should be soon. Can you please go too Tarsneyisle Estrelas Fb page and message me Thankyou Alan.

06.05.2020 13:00

tara tiffany

Hi Alan,
I see you were hoping to have pups, I wonder if you were successful? We're looking for a large breed and your dogs are beautiful. Please let me know. thanks!

07.05.2020 16:59

Alan Sawyer

Hi Tara sorry about the late reply,At present we have no access to a male due to corona virus,we do plan a litter once we can travel,best info is on our fbook page (same name) regards Alan.

10.03.2020 18:33

christine goldsmith

any pups for sale? we had one crossed with a pointer. Stunning but since passed.


10.03.2020 21:04

Alan Sawyer

Hi Christine no pups at present but molly is due in season and hope to get her in pup. Where are you based. Regards Alan